Design Amendments

As a partner of EKM, we are ready to implement changes that add value to your website.

EKM is a fantastic eCommerce platform but to make your website really stand out from your competition, you may need a helping hand in making some changes. 

Our expert team can make design amendments to your EKM website to ensure your online presence is maximised and your website maintains that professional finish.

Let's take your online store from

good to great

With our range of fixed price amendments and features,

we can quickly and easily implement design changes into your EKM store.

Editable Element

£45 + VAT

Create a new editable area on your shop, used to add images, text or videos, giving you the control to create the perfect webpage.

Product Prompt Feature

£245 + VAT

As a customer selects the product title to search for a cheaper price on Google!, a little message pops up with a discount code or message.

Product Slider

£135 + VAT

Add a product slider to your online shop to include your most popular, sale or related products to promote them to your customers.

Logo Reposition

£35 + VAT

Does your logo look out of place or the wrong size on your website? We can reposition your logo to fit in seamlessly with your theme.

Countdown Promo Banner

£115 + VAT

Create a great looking call to action banner with a countdown timer. A great way to get your customers to spend more with you.

Style Search Box

£75 + VAT

We can improve the styling of your search box so it is on brand and visually appealing making it more attractive for customers to use.